Clinicians at SB CBT Clinics

All our treating psychologists are Consultant Chartered Psychologists who each have in excess of seven years' experience in senior practitioner post within the NHS. All have qualifications at either masters or doctoral level in psychology. All currently hold or have held senior positions within the NHS, where the provision of CBT has formed a major component of their clinical responsibility.

All are members of both the British Psychological Society and the Health Professionals Council and are required to complete continuous professional development in line with continuing registration. Sheehan Brooke CBT does not use the services of professionals in training.

All psychologists working at the clinic have been selected on the basis of their clinical experience, sensitivity and people skills.

Clinical Management

Christine Tizzard BSc, MSc, C.Psychol, AFBPS is the joint founder and clinical director of Christine Tizzard Psychological Consultants group of CBT's clinics. In addition to working directly with patients, she provides clinical governance and support to the organisation of Consultant Chartered Psychologists who run each of the clinics.

She is a highly experienced Consultant Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and Registered Clinical Supervisor who has in excess of 25 years clinical experience gained both in the NHS and independent sector.

Her core experience is in the provision of psychotherapeutic interventions to a diverse client base presenting with a wide range of psychological difficulties.

Historically a very significant clinical responsibility was the assessment and subsequent provision of CBT treatment to members of the armed forces and emergency services following exposure to traumatic incidents.

Christine Tizzard is a specialist in the assessment and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in adults and children and is a well regarded expert in the area of the psychological rehabilitation of individuals following traumatic incidents particularly road traffic accidents and accidental injuries.

She is also a well known expert witness psychologist in family law cases providing global adult and child psychological assessments, advising on and frequently providing specialised treatment interventions within a short timeframe.

Christine Tizzard also undertook further extensive psychotherapy training and holds an advanced diploma in Humanistic Counselling and an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy. She is therefore, also highly qualified in psychodynamic and humanistic counselling and is able to adopt an integrative approach where it is beneficial to a particular client.

She adopts a motivated and warm approach with clients and is committed to finding the right approach for success with each client.